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Trout Bums at Large is a monthly column appearing in the Yakima Herald-Republic and the Seattle Times. The column is written by Randal Sumner and Mark Littleton. We will be keeping an archive of these articles on this page.

The wolves will always eat the sheep
by R.Sumner

The wolves will always eat the sheepÖ..Russian proverb


            This column has never been much about fishing. As those of you that have been paying attention the last fifteen years understand. What could be written about fly fishing that hasnít been dealt with hundreds of times before?  My editor however (Scott Sandsberry) always likes me to at least include the phrase Fly Fishing. Houston we have lift off.

 So what is it about the wolves?

            Ok, letís move on from the wolves and look at the sheep a bit. Now the sheep are just Öpathetic.Ē Letís just stand around with the flock and wait for the wolves to have there way.Ē

            So where does this leave us?

            The VW bus.

             My ultimate symbol of sheepism; the top tier of my personal list of the most aggravating things Iíve owned. I was twenty six when I bought the bus, it was the 70ís, I had long hair and was in graduate school, I mean dude. I should have known something was a miss at the used car lot when after I wrote the check; the salesman assigned me my own mechanic. His name was Fritz; (Ya, you will adjust the vales on time.)

            There were so many bad things about the Bus it is difficult to know where to begin. It was hopelessly underpowered, it had an exhaust leak in the back seat, it was orange. I bought an orange bus. Many times as sat inside my broken down orange bus in the Oregon rain waiting for Fritzie I could hardly believe my stupidity. Now that is aggravation on the road to despair.  The worst part of this German nightmare was that I realized only a sheep would have bought this thing. All I needed was a fuzzy fur coat.

            That was one of the last of sheepy things I ever owned, it is expensive being a sheep.

            So this brings us to the subject of eggs. (What you donít see the natural transition?) I love eggs, all the ways to have them. I love the elegant container that is an egg, that perfect thin shell in white or brown. The stunning cadmium yellow of the yoke contrasted against the white in a black frying pan. Just so agreeable in the morning.

             Now, in my lifetime eggs have had a variety of scientific opinions as to there healthfulness. First it was OK to eat eggs, then you could eat only the egg whites (remember that). Then it was OK to have one yoke a week. Now you can eat two eggs a day, that cholesterol thing was misunderstood. Think of your brain as a rag floating in a pool of cholesterol, pinging with synaptic happiness, that cholesterol providing life giving lubrication.

              Thatís fifty years of scientific expertise for you.

            So here is my question: What are the chances that Science has got Climate Change/ Global Warming / Global Cooling / Global Anything right?  The odds are microscopic.

             Visualize holding an egg in your open hand; now put the Earth in the other hand. Only a sheep, lacking any critical thinking capacity could accept this science, if you canít get the Egg right but youíre making predations about the universe? I mean dude, buy a bus.

            My last comment about sheepism is the use of the cell phone. Are you so shallow that you must be in constant contact with the other shallow losers you know? Must you

know what your friends, or even your kids, are up to at all times?  Trust me there in the flock with the other sheep.

            There is one caveat in this: If youíre using the cell for business or because youíve got a flat tire or some other emergency road trouble. Me, Iím hoping to be rescued by beautiful fly-fishing women with fried chicken and martiniís. Itís a long shot but, what is living without a robust fantasy life?

            Buck up, get off the phone and leave the flock behind. Conjure up your inner wolf. It is a beautiful thing.


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