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Trout Bums at Large is a monthly column appearing in the Yakima Herald-Republic and the Seattle Times. The column is written by Randal Sumner and Mark Littleton. We will be keeping an archive of these articles on this page.

by Randal Sumner

I have no idea how many fly rod manufacturing companies exist on earth, and when they took me to the Mother ship, it was one of the few questions about the universe I forgot to ask. My guess is there are less than a hundred , maybe fifty is a better number, but really who cares.

            I had a client call me a while back asking me about the gear he should buy to start his fly fishing journey. I listened for a while and finally asked if money was a consideration in his decision making process…no he was loaded. Ok, this is good. I told him that Orvis , LLbean, Simms and Patagonia all made great waders and I had owned them all at one time or another. The wading boots are a bit tricky, the Korkers I use these days are excellent, but boots are a personal fit. Try them all on.

            Finally we got down to the instrument itself, the fly rod, that which all else is hinged on. He told me that he was having a custom rod tied up, with his name on it.            Imagine my excitement.

 When he sensed my silence might be meaningful negativity he asked my opinion about his custom work of art.

            Let me tell you a story I said….

            Many, many years ago I went to Eugene Oregon to visit my brother. During a rather elaborate oyster eating ceremony over the kitchen sink I noticed Gary was using a very handsome knife with his name engraved on the handle. I asked where it was purchased, thinking I would stop and pick one up for myself. It just wasn’t that easy to buy a knife like his. It was CUSTOM

            YOU KNOW I’m not really that interested, I mean really.

            Gary said he thought he could arrange a meeting with Wayne the Knife Maker,( known hereafter as WKM).

            Gary’s attitude was would Ravi Shankar play a sitar off the rack??

             This is how you get bogged down in the details of life. Hey, I just want cut the cheese, not have a relationship with the cow.

            I met WKM in front of his falling down shotgun house somewhere in the green of Lane County; I was advised to come alone. He was a slight man of undeterminable age wearing a black leather apron, eye patch and a wide cowboy belt with a huge oval buckle.  He led me around the house to a tiny grove of holly trees surrounded by a wall of old tires. In the center of the grove were a few damp metal folding chairs. He explained this is where he was going to contact my aura. OK,…. the old aura ploy, I played along. We sat there in silence together for about a half hour, he may have been in a trance; I know I was ready to bolt. Finally WKM pulled out a piece of brown grocery bag paper and began tracing and measuring my hand for the knife. CUSTOM… Then came the detailed discussion about the handle: material, color, and weight, I printed out my name for the engraving.

            Now I knew how the French knights felt conferring with there armorers before leaving for a Crusade. CUSTOM

            WKM was supposed to call me with a final price when the knife was completed. I told him my brother would pick it up and pay him. It’s been eleven years now and WKM has never contacted me. CUSTOM ….  My aura was probably dim.

            At this point in my story the client asked for my fly rod advice.

             This is what you do, I said;” Go to your GLoomis dealer and buy a 9ft 5wt. GLX two piece. It’s called the Classic. I don’t know about the knife I don’t have, but this is the finest dry fly trout rod ever made. CUSTOM is for suckers.”                                                   The funny thing is I never heard form the client again either.

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