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Trout Bums at Large is a monthly column appearing in the Yakima Herald-Republic and the Seattle Times. The column is written by Randal Sumner and Mark Littleton. We will be keeping an archive of these articles on this page.

Steel heading JuJu
by Randal Sumner

There are anglers that will tell you that catching Steelhead on a fly is the ultimate trout fishing. They say itís the fish of a thousand casts that you have to put your time in on the job, pay your dues. It is a grim business, like breaking rocks at a Federal penitentiary. The horror stories are the thing of legend, the time and money spent, plus the collateral damage incurred at home all because of a sea going rainbow trout. This is generally not a happy carefree bunch of characters. At times they seems more like a cult ready to break out the Kool-Aid.

Over the last twenty years I have caught, landed and released a pretty fair number of these beautiful fish but I am by no means a Steelheader. I lack the right psychological profile to stay focused and grim for long, itís like holding a grudge, not really my cup of tea. I donít have a lot of rules when it comes to fly fishing for steelies except Iíve never kept one, Iím not telling anyone else what to do but for me it would be the bad JU JU. This fall I received a call from my business partner Dave that he had been steelheading and had hooked ten fish and landed six, that is as good as it gets, David is the king of the understated remark.

Linn Kraft and I left early a few days later to meet Dave on the Not to be named river. The weather was perfect for Steelheading, cold and wet, the water had come up a little and it felt good to get into my nasty old wool sweater. The actual fishing for steelhead is for me a rather dreary bit of work; Dave had us rig up the gear for nymphing with a big cork bobber and a very heavy fly. The idea is to bonk a big fish on the nose then hang on when it strikes. This is just like a regular nymph set up except on steroids with an 8wt rod and floating line, not for the light hearted. Most of my other steelhead fishing has been swinging sparsely dressed wet flies on the surface but like I say Iíll try anything once.

Steelheading with the fly rod was a new experience for Linn; on the drive to the river he made up every excuse in the book as to why he would not catch a fish of a thousand casts his first time out. After a few hours fishing, he was sure he was doing something wrong, until he got the big strike. I was daydreaming a short distance away when I heard the commotion and saw the big fish cart wheeling across the river. I dropped my gear and headed up the river with the camera, the fish was still airborne. It was one of those moments of fishing purity, the look on Linnís face and the beauty of the fish in the shallows when I tailed it for him. I took a picture of him with a nine-pound hatchery buck. I also told him it was a fish he could keep, as Linn carefully released it back into the current. And that my friends is why we play the game.

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