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Trout Bums at Large is a monthly column appearing in the Yakima Herald-Republic and the Seattle Times. The column is written by Randal Sumner and Mark Littleton. We will be keeping an archive of these articles on this page.

by Randal Sumner

The subject of fishing waders reminds me of a monolog Jerry Seinfeld might do. Jerry:" Why do they call them waders? They don't wade, why not call them leakers, that's what they do best".

I bought another new pair of leakers last year, the $400.00 variety. These are the best leakers I've ever had, roomy, lightweight, and almost comfortable. Over the years I've bought about every kind of leaker on the market: rubber, lightweights, neoprene, Kevlar, and Gortex, some still hang in the garage, kind of a museum of leaker history. I've also had about every kind of leak: the torn crotch leak, the barbwire leak, the abrasion leak, the falling down on sharp rocks leak, and worst of all the head leak. I only wear leakers from October to May; the summer is for wading in shorts. I prefer this wet wading, its simple, cheap, and you know you going to get wet so there is no disappointment.

Of all the different categories of leaks, the worst is the head leak; it can be devastating to your positive fishing attitude. This is how it starts, after taking off your waders one day you discover your sock is wet, not really soaked but dampish, defiantly a small seeping leak, its interesting that you fished all day and hadn't noticed. Retuning home you find and repair the leak. In a few days you're on the river again, concentrating on a # 20 blue wing in bad light, when you realize you foot is cold and soaking wet. Darn it, now its more leak repair, but you're sure you fixed it, how can it still be leaking! The vest comes off, then the boot, then the waders (the trout are boiling like crazy) your sock is dry. The sock is DRY; the only leak is between your ears, maddening. Dry Fly fishing when done as meditation requires the angler's full mental focus, your entire universe is a tiny dot thirty feet away swirling in the current, the last thing you need is leaker anxiety.

When you buy your new pair of leakers they will come with a repair kit and care recommendations, this is the leaker manufactures stab at humor. The warranty will state that if you should happen to use these waders in water for fishing the warranty is pretty much out the window. The care recommendations are not very practical for trout bums either; it assumes your waders will have time to dry out, before attempting a repair job. Here's a tip, I put mine in the dryer but not for long or they do get somewhat crispy. The repair kit that is included with your $400.00 waders is really helpful, two little patches and a tiny tube of sealer goop. Tiny, as in one squeeze and that's all. What do I expect? How about a roaming team of beautiful leaker repair girls, traveling from town to town.

One last thing Jerry, why do they call them a pair of leakers? You only get one.

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